SBM AND PARTNERS TRADING LLC is a privately held fast-growing company that specializes in the distribution of Premium Quality COHIBA Cigarettes.
We are the exclusive distributor of COHIBA Cigarettes in the Middle East.
The division has a highly experienced marketing team that formulates its strategy in coordination with COHIBA Industry.

We are all passionate about our growth and ensure to leave no stone upturn to take the company to next level by timely responses, product identification, and servicing the market demand.


Our Mission is to conduct business across the world by inspiring our customers through innovation, quality, and value. We endeavor to achieve the best for all our stakeholders through continuous improvement and winning business strategies.

we have highly experienced, dedicated, committed knowledgeable staff which is our greatest asset. Our management is always more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with customers to innovate and design the product to achieve the best result. Our machinery makes the process of cigarette manufacturing a work of art.


  • SBM AND PARTNERS TRADING LLC consistently aims to increase its footprint globally by sourcing and partnering with reputable businesses, establishments, and distributors across the world
  • Our aim is to consistently strive to be consumer-centric by launching innovative offerings that sets it apart from competitors and products in the same space.
  • Our values shape what we do and how we do it, is to deliver value to our partners and therefore continue being successful in the tobacco industry


Our core values represent a guideline for our behavior, and they help to show our customers and clients how we are different from other companies and potential staff we differ from other prospective employers.

SBM AND PARTNERS TRADING LLC’s core values are the basic principles on which our activity is based on:

  • Responsibility for our actions that influence our customers, employees, and community.
  • Collaboration at every level of the hierarchy pyramid, within and outside the company to give our best.
  • Committed to the success of our business, great service, and other initiatives that have an impact on the environment in and outside the organization.
  • Consistent quality in offering the best service and efficient results of our activity.
  • To lead with courage in difficult situations with confidence and determination
  • Working with passion, putting our heart and mind into the work to get the real satisfaction of high-level success.